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Project Background & Previous Studies

In 2018, the City of Charlottesville  completed a multimodal corridor study to include 5th Street, Ridge Street, Ridge-McIntire Road, and McIntire Road  between Harris Road and Harris Street in order to reduce congestion, improve safety, and accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit.

The 5th Street Corridor is an important arterial roadway that provides direct access from I-64, and points south, into the City of Charlottesville. The corridor is a key economic artery relative to the movement of goods into and out of the City, and serves a number of adjacent neighborhoods. The corridor is envisioned to be an important multimodal connection between a new bicycle hub and regional trail network on the south near Wegmans shopping center (activity center) to numerous neighborhoods and then into the central business district of the City.


The current study builds on the results of the 2018 plan to evaluate recommended improvements to submit for VDOT funding. The study area is limited to the segment of 5th Street between Harris Rd. and Old Ridge Road. 

Study Area Map

5th/Ridge/McIntire Multimodal Corridor Study Segment Recommendations  (2018)

5th/Ridge/McIntire Multimodal Corridor Study, Full Report (2018)

Streets that Work Plan (2016)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (2015)

Funded Transportation Improvements 

A number of projects along the corridor have already been funded through the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), but have not started preliminary design. A description of each project can be found through the VDOT Smart Portal:  ​

  1. 5th Street SW Intersection Improvements (Cherry/Elliott/Old Ridge)

  2. Pedestrian Improvements at Ridge/Cherry

  3. Ridge Street Safety Improvements

It is anticipated that these projects will begin design in 2024, with construction to follow as early as 2026. 

Public Engagement

Summary of Survey Results - COMING SOON!

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